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DiMPro Consulting is specialised in international consulting services in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Intellectual property Rights (IPR), Social media marketing, Business development, and Future Internet.

working areas
Innovation Protection (IPR)
Services globally to SMEs/Startups to protect their innovations (IPR) and to find national/international funding.
Management, Social media marketing
Project Management know-how, dissemination and communication expertise in international projects (Horizon 2020 and Framework Programme 9 (FP9)).
Expert Services, Business development
Supports SMEs and Start-ups by making their future business and internet visions, dreams, and goals become a reality.
IPR Protection
DiMPro Consulting provides services globally to SMEs/Startups to protect their innovations (IPR) and to find national/international funding. The IPR service is provided in a close co-operation with the Moosedog Oy in Finland. Moosedog Oy is a founding member of the global Aalbun network.
EU Project Consulting
DiMPro Consulting also provides EU project consulting services for Martel Innovate taking care of communication, dissemination and project management tasks in the Horizon 2020 projects - e.g. HUB4NGI and Fed4FIRE. In the HUB4NGI project one of his roles is to support all nominated Next Generation Internet (NGI) contact points in the European Union Member States and in the Associated Countries, and that way to boost the take-off the NGI initiative.
Timo Lahnalampi,
Founder of DimPro Consulting
Timo Lahnalampi,
Founder of DimPro Consulting
Has over 30 years of wide international experience in high-tech home/mobile industry from technical engineering to new business development and sales.

Since 2009 he has collected experience in international EU & Celtic projects where he has proven his skills to manage complex multi-party international projects and to create co-operation between projects/countries both from business and from research point of views.

Before 2009 Timo acquired a wide international experience in Nokia corp. in TV, Mobile TV and Internet Video services. In Nokia he had various management positions in R&D&I, product management, new business development and internet services sales. In those positions he showed his expertise to establish strategic partnerships with key mobile, media/TV and broadcast network companies globally.

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